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Title: lawyer Year of call: 1977

Expertise: labor and employment law  |  administrative law  |  education law

Gilles Grenier earned his law degree from Université Laval and has been a member of the Québec Bar since 1977. After a few years of general practice, he decided to specialize in administrative law, labor law, law for associations, and constitutional law. He also has expertise in labor relations for managers, dismissal of executives, and psychological harassment.

Throughout his career, he has developed expert knowledge in law for associations, specifically in the drafting, interpretation, and application of by-laws and regulations, the chairing of deliberative assemblies, and the management of boards of directors for various associations. He is also extremely well versed in employment contracts, clauses in collective agreements and various legal documents, and the negotiation of collective agreements and individual employment contracts.

Gilles Grenier is a lecturer in labor law and grievance arbitration in the Industrial Relations Department, Université Laval. He also teaches labor law, administrative law, and oral pleading at the Québec Bar School. His roles with various boards of directors and associations demonstrate his strong involvement in the community.

His fields of specialization include:

  • Public Administration (municipal, provincial, federal)
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Education and Early Childhood
  • Groups and Associations

Assistant: Annick Jézéquel


  • Labor and employment law (competition and duty of loyalty, federal labor law, human rights, pay equity, collective bargaining, collective labor relations, individual labor relations, occupational health and safety)
  • Administrative law (access to information, professional conduct, ethics, and governance, constitutional law, disciplinary law, professional orders, administrative remedies)
  • Education law (pay equity, occupational health and safety)


  • LL.L., Université Laval (1972)

Professional experience

  • Cain Lamarre (Quebec City) (2016 to present)
  • Philion Leblanc Beaudry (Quebec City)
  • Joli-Coeur Lacasse (Quebec City)
  • Trudel Nadeau (Quebec City)
  • Ministère de la justice, constitutional law direction (Quebec City)
  • Tremblay Bertrand Morisset Bois Mignault (Quebec City)
  • Bertrand Otis Grenier (Quebec City)
  • International Centre for Research on Bilingualism (Quebec City)
  • Ministère du Travail (Quebec City)
  • Research assistant at Université Laval for various professors, notably Pierre Verge (Quebec City)

Lecturing, conferences, publications

  • Lecturer in administrative and labor law at the Quebec Bar School
  • Employment law lecturer in the Industrial Relations Department at Université Laval

Associations, committees, boards

  • Member, board of directors, Société nationale des Québécois et des Québécoises de la Capitale (SNQC)
  • Member, board of directors, Corporation responsable de la fête nationale sur les Plaines d’Abraham
  • Former founding president, Service d’intégration des immigrants de Québec (now SOIT)
  • Former founding president, Mouvement Létourneau (violin school)
  • Former member, board of directors, Accueillons un enfant (international adoption in Haiti)