Title : Lawyer Year of call : 2013

Expertise : labor and employment law

Marc-Olivier Laporte graduated with a degree in law from Université Laval in 2010. He began his master's the same year, and was admitted to the Québec Bar School in 2011. He has been practicing labor and employment law for the firm for six years. Marc-Olivier counsels and represents employers in matters involving individual and collective workplace relations. He serves his clients in various ways, including drafting, interpreting, and applying collective agreements and work contracts and working on issues related to labor standards, termination, workplace accidents and occupational diseases, occupational health and safety, and human rights. He also regularly gives talks and writes articles on a range of topics related to labor and employment law. His fields of specialization include: Agriculture and Agrifood Manufacturing Transportation

Assistant: Chantal Gauthier


  • Labor and employment law (competition and duty of loyalty, federal labor law, human rights, occupational health and safety funding, collective labor relations, individual labor relations, occupational health and safety)


  • Master's degree in law, Université Laval (underway)
  • LL.B., Université Laval (2010)

Professional experience

  • Cain Lamarre (Quebec City) (2012 to present)

Lecturing, conferences, publications

  • Collaboration on a talk on judicial records in the workplace
  • Collaboration on a talk on obligations regarding work/family balance