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Paralegals and administrative personnel

We are always on the lookout for talented candidates, whether you’re seeking a position as a paralegal, legal assistant, accountant, or office clerk, or in any other administrative capacity.

Cain Lamarre is the most widely represented—and one of the leading—firms in Québec. We boast 19 offices and 400 employees, including more than 200 legal professionals, lawyers and notaries, active in every field of law. This, combined with firmly rooted values with a strong human focus, enables us to offer stimulating career opportunities in a welcoming atmosphere.

Our unique structure allows us to combine the best of both worlds—the resources, challenges, and reputation of a large firm with the authenticity and feel of a smaller one.

Surrounded by talented professionals and experienced paralegal staff, you enjoy access to all the resources you need to fully immerse yourself not only in your professional life but also in the social life of the community. We offer a human and personalized approach combined with a tradition of excellence, and a focus on team spirit, employee initiative and innovation.

At Cain Lamarre, the doors are always open. There is minimal hierarchy, a strong sense of professional cooperation, and openness to all our staff. We also encourage our employees to pursue ongoing training to hone various aspects of their work.

History has shown that our success is the result of the deep commitment of our staff, both to the firm and to our clients. And that commitment stems directly from our approach to human resource management, which stresses attractive and flexible work conditions, open and honest communication, and recognition for work well done.

Quality of life

At Cain Lamarre, we are passionate about our work and we go the extra mile to achieve our professional goals. But we also realize that quality of life is important. That’s why we constantly strive to achieve a balance between professional and personal life through a flexible approach and innovative family policies.

In 2013 we received a Quebec Bar Award of Merit for Work/Family Balance in recognition of our firm’s initiatives in this area. A few years ago, we also earned the ISO FAMILY designation in the 101 to 500 employee category of the ISO FAMILLES competition held by Conseil du statut de la femme, Conseil de la famille et de l’enfance, and Conseil consultatif du travail et de la main-d’œuvre.

In addition, we offer comprehensive and flexible fringe benefit programs. Cain Lamarre is an equal opportunity employer.

Selection criteria

We select applicants on the basis of their work experience, which must demonstrate good basic knowledge and aptitudes together with a sense of responsibility.

Participation in non-work-related activities is also an important criterion since it is often indicative of the candidate’s team spirit, leadership, and ability to fit in. We also take into consideration work experiences that reflect a sense of initiative, autonomy, and resourcefulness.
Essential qualities we look for during interviews include motivation, a sharp and open mind, a keen intellect, authenticity, and discernment.

Sending application

Interested in applying for a position at Cain Lamarre? Complete the form below and attach the required documents. Your application will be emailed to the staff recruitment officer in charge at the selected office(s). If you prefer to mail us your application, please use the contact information here.

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