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Articling clerks and students

Dear future articling clerks and students,

With more than 225 legal professionals, lawyers and notaries, across Québec, we are your opportunity to experience law in all its rich diversity.

Surrounded by talented professionals and experienced paralegal staff, you will have the chance to fully immerse yourself in your professional life and in the social and economic life of the community. We offer a personalized, people-friendly approach combined with a tradition of excellence and a focus on team spirit, employee initiative and innovation—plus the opportunity to work on challenging and interesting files.

We hope to have the pleasure of hearing from you and meeting you in person.

Professional recruitment national committee

Unique structure

Cain Lamarre is the most widely represented—and one of the leading—firms in Québec. We boast 18 offices and more than 225 legal professionals active in every field of law. This, combined with firmly rooted values with a strong human focus, enables us to offer stimulating career opportunities in a welcoming atmosphere.

Our unique structure allows us to combine the best of both worlds—the resources, challenges, and reputation of a large firm with the authenticity and feel of a smaller one.

At Cain Lamarre, the doors are always open. There is minimal hierarchy, a strong sense of professional cooperation, and an openness to all our staff—young and mature, partners and non-partners alike.

Recruitment principles

Ever since its founding, Cain Lamarre has devoted special attention to the grooming and training of young legal talent. We are always on the lookout for smart, committed, hardworking, ambitious, enterprising candidates for each of our offices across Québec.

We view articling clerks as an investment in our future, so we take great care in selecting them. History has shown that more often than not, our handpicked clerks go on to enjoy long careers with us. 

We generally give preference to student interns from years past when selecting candidates for our articling positions. That gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with the firm’s philosophy before joining us. It also lets us better assess your skills before we bring you on board—after all, we’ll be putting our firm’s future in your hands.

Each year, we recruit approximately 16 articling clerks and 8 students for our offices across Québec.

Duties and responsibilities

Articling clerks

We seek to spur your interest and motivation, develop your leadership skills, improve your ability to think on your feet, make you feel at home in the firm, and fulfill your aspirations.  

Our articling clerks have important responsibilities. In addition to conducting essential legal research, you will be assigned actual cases according to your abilities and experience, and will be supervised by a professional. You may also be tasked with fact finding and meeting clients. In addition, you will be called on to identify legal problems on the basis of verified facts and asked to propose solutions and opinions. Naturally, your training will also include drafting proceedings and representing clients before the courts. In major litigation cases, you will work in close cooperation with the professional in charge.

Our clerks work in as many areas of expertise as possible to help them determine their preferred fields and their affinities with colleagues. However, in some cases you may be asked to focus on a specific field of law.

We believe it is vitally important for clerks to enjoy the support and coaching of all of our firm’s professionals. In addition to the tutor you are assigned, you will be called on to work closely and directly with each professional.

We also believe that our clerks should have their say and feel that their concerns are taken seriously. That’s why we encourage you to play an active role and provide you with every opportunity to thrive professionally and personally. Our clerks are treated as full-fledged members of our professional staff. In return, we expect you to reflect that acknowledgment in your work and in your dealings with colleagues and clients.


The work we assign to our students allows them to gradually adapt to the way the firm operates. You will be called on to do research, provide legal opinions, and draft various proceedings on a range of specific issues. You will also be given the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the courts and attend out-of-court examinations.

You will have access to an outstanding legal documentation center equipped with research tools that circulate information between all our offices. Since we are committed to helping you explore your specific interests and aptitudes and find your particular area of expertise, we make every effort to make your work experience as enriching and diverse as possible.

Quality of life

At Cain Lamarre, we are passionate about our work and we go the extra mile to achieve our professional goals. But we also realize that quality of life is important. That’s why we constantly strive to help our employees attain work–life balance.

In 2013 we received a Quebec Bar Award of Merit for Work/Family Balance in recognition of our firm’s initiatives in this area. A few years ago, we also earned the ISO FAMILY designation in the 101 to 500 employee category of the ISO FAMILLES competition held by Conseil du statut de la femme, Conseil de la famille et de l’enfance, and Conseil consultatif du travail et de la main-d’œuvre.

In addition, we offer comprehensive and flexible fringe benefit programs. Cain Lamarre is an equal opportunity employer.

Selection criteria

We select applicants on the basis of the quality of their university transcripts and their involvement in the community.

The candidate’s university experience must demonstrate excellent basic knowledge and aptitudes. Community involvement and participation in extracurricular activities are also desirable since they are indicative of the candidate’s team spirit, leadership, and ability to fit in. We also take into consideration work experiences that reflect a sense of initiative, autonomy, and resourcefulness.
Essential qualities we look for during interviews include motivation, a sharp and open mind, a keen intellect, authenticity, and discernment.

Recruitment process

Each application is reviewed by a four-member professional recruitment committee from the office where the candidate wishes to work. The committee decides whether to call the candidate for an interview. Interviews are generally scheduled in March and are held in the presence of one or two members of the firm. Given the needs of certain offices, however, interview scheduling and formats may vary.

If the first interview is positive, a second meeting may be scheduled. Candidates are usually evaluated by at least three members of the firm and are invited to meet the office team. The recruitment process usually wraps up by the end of March, except in unusual circumstances or for occasional requirements, and all selected candidates receive a response shortly thereafter.

Sending application

Interested in applying for a student position or to article at one of our offices? Complete the form and attach the required documents (cover letter, resume, university transcript). Your application will be emailed to the recruitment officer. If you prefer to mail us your application, please use the following contact information:

Cain Lamarre
c/o Recruitment officer
500 Grande Allée Est, Suite 1
Québec City, Québec  G1R 2J7

Please be sure to specify at which office(s) you wish to work.

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